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Hostel Facilities : Separate Hostels are available for out station boys and girls on nominal charges as per following details.

Name of the Hostel



Lord Krishna Boys Hostel

College Campus

80 Students

Krishnalay-Girls Hostel

 Taj Nagri, Agra-1

30 Students

 Vijay Lok Boys Hostel

College Campus

40 Students

Hostel Fees :

Boys Hostel

Rs. 3000 per Annum, Per person payable in installments too.

Girls Hostel

Rs. 4000 per person payable annually in one/two installments.

Hostel Security

Rs. 1000 (Refundable)

Mess Charges

Actual on co-operative basis to be managed by inmates of hostel concern.

Transportation Facilities : Although, the college is well connected by roads and public transport system remains available round the clock: provision has been made to provide a college bus to students on subsidised rates. Monthly roadways bus card are also provided.

Library : The college libraries are well stocked with more than 40 thousand books related to different faculties & general subjects. The Library subscribe several national Journals, Magazines and news papers.

Laboratories : The Colleges have well equipped labs of-Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Military Science (DSST), Home Science, Health Education Sciences as per the syllabi of degree programs of related institutes. We have a spacious Gym & well planed games field in according to the norms of N.C.T.E. & State Govt.

Computer Centre : The foundation has its own computer centre where 15 P3 & P4 Computers with power back up are Installed, for the students along with rich educational library & Reading room.

Computer Skill Development : The college provides opportunities to students of various courses to acquire computer skills in addition to their regular courses. Students may opt for additional certificate courses depending on their choice, being offered by 'Lord Krishna Foundation'. Successful students are provided certificate of computer training/proficiency.

Personality Development Workshop : The college has planned to organise special workshops on personality development for students during each academic session it is to help the students to make guided efforts to improve their personality.

Career Counseling : It is planned to provide continuous counseling to students to help them in planning their career and make guided efforts to achieve set targets.

Orientation Programme : Special Orientation Programme  is arranged for students in the beginning of the session to acquaint them with the aims, traditions, practices and various activities in the College. All students are required to take this programme seriously so that they can take full advantage offered by the College.

Tutor - Guardian Scheme : It aims at establishing and maintaining close contact based on understanding and mutual respect between the teacher and the taught. Each student will have one of the member of the teaching staff as his/her guardian, tutor. The students and their guardians are invited to place their academic difficulties and other problems before the guardians-tutor, who will try to give them necessary advice and guidance. The guardians of students can call or can be called by the guardian-tutor after fixing time and date through their wards, and guardian-tour may visit the residence of the students under them. It is hoped that fullest co-operation will be extended by the guardians of the students in the operation of the scheme.

N.C.C. / N.S.S. : The U.P. Govt. approved scheme: N.C.C. and N.S.S. along with regular courses are offered by the college for 1st  year student only. they get privilege in further studies and jobs after completion of these trainings.

Educational Tours : The college organise educational tours to the places of Historical importance/ Research Laboratories / Educational Institutions of national repute, to provide wide range of exposure, once in year, on nominal expenses.

Annual Sports Meet : The College identifies talented students by organising Annual sports meet to provide them opportunities to participate in Inter-college competitions/ Inter University competitions. Provision for medals & certificates, in individual events is made. Best sports person of the college qualifies for Chairman's sports cup and a special appreciation letter from the Chairman of the Krishn College Group.

Annual Day / Foundation Day : The college celebrates its foundation day on 20th Dec. Every year in which students present cultural programmes. The students performing best will be awarded by the Chairman Sir, in any form.

Awards & Scholarship : Lord Krishna Foundation has instituted following awards to appreciate the performance of students.

1.Chairman's Sports Cup
2.Best student of the year award
3.Chairman's Gold Medal

Lord Krishna Foundation provide 10 to 50 scholarships / fee grant to poor & needy students, screened by Chairmen's nominated committee, every year.

Moral & Religious Education Centre : The college has provided a scheme for moral and religious education especially the philosophy and ideals of Lord Krishna. Participation in this programme is expected from all undergraduate students of the colleges. A Sulahkul ( All religion centre) have also been launched, which aims at providing the students, an opportunity to train the mind, to kindle the imagination, strengthen the will, cultivate the conscience and equip him/her for the service of the society at large, specially the socially deprived and the under privileged persons.


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